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Friday, November 28, 2008

Latest Hot Warcraft III DotA v6.57b Map is out :)

The latest DotA map v6.57b is out !!!

Changelog for DotA v6.57b Map
* Changed how -sd hero selection works. The three heroes are now added as icons to select from your circle of power
* Fixed a few Warcraft 1.20e specific bugs for Chinese community
* Some performance improvements (more coming in the near future)
* Your Circle of Power now has 6 inventory slots. The items it has are now abilities instead. You cannot pickup items that you don’t own with Circle of Power
* Items drop on top of your Circle of Power if a unit is not there instead of making a big pile in the center
Download DotA v6.57b Map here >>

Warcraft III DotA v6.57b Free Map Download

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Download Free DotA v6.56 AI+ v1.52 (r2) Map

DotA AI Maps is out.. here’s DotA v6.56 AI+ v1.52 (r2) Map Change Logs.. !!

* Improved various different areas of the terrain
* Fixed a very old exploit that was recently discovered with Roshan
Hurl Boulder - 800 range, 100 damage, 2 seconds stun duration, 100 mana, 10 seconds cooldown –> Bash - 15% chance to trigger, 100 damage, 2 seconds stun duration
* Fixed a rare bug that could cause revives to malfunction
* Some performance improvements

Download Map Links here >>

DotA: Warcrraft III DotA v6.56 AI+ v1.52 (r2) Map Download