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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Download Official Warcraft III DotA AllStars v6.60 Map

The latest official Warcraft III DotA v6.60 Map Download, get ready for download :) change logs as follows.. Enjoy :)

DotA v6.60 Map Change Logs


* Medusa: Replaced Chain Lightning with a new ability Mystic Snake [details below]

* Medusa: Replaced Purge with a new ability Stone Gaze [details below]

* Netherdrake: Replaced Frenzy with a new ability Nethertoxin [details below]

* Rogue Knight: Replaced Toughness Aura with a new ability Warcry [details below]

* Slayer: Replaced Ultimate with a new ability Fiery Soul [details below]

* Twin Head Dragon: Replaced Autofire with a new ability Liquid Fire [details below]

* Troll Warlord: Replaced Rampage with a new ability Battle Trance [details below]

* Rogue Knight: Reworked how Stormbolt works [details below]

* Morphling: Reworked how Morphiling’s Adaptive Strike works [details below]

* Crystal Maiden: Replaced Frost Nova with a similar new ability Crystal Nova [details below]

* Phantom Assassin: Changed Blink Strike to a new ability Phantom Strike [details below]

* Ogre Magi: Reworked Multicast chance mechanism [details below]

* Sniper: Replaced Scattershot with a new ability Shrapnel [details below]

* Troll Warlord: Replaced Fervor Aura with a new ability Fervor (works like Beastmaster’s passive used to)

* Beastmaster: Replaced Beast Rage with a new ability Inner Beast (works like Troll’s old attack speed aura)

See more details here and Map Download here >>
DotA: Free Official Warcraft III DotA AllStars v6.60 Map Download